Pitch deck checklist structure

What a pitch deck should include? Let’s have a closer look at a professional pitch deck structure, shall we?

Essential Components of a Pitch Deck

Some elements of a pitch deck may vary from deck to deck, but we’ll point out the most vital slides you shouldn’t skip:


company overview and a statement or fact that hooks the audience in.


outline the primary pain points, their gravity, and why it is vital to solve them.


describe how you plan to solve these pressing problems.

Market Opportunity

showcase the market size and stress the growth potential.

Business Model

demonstrate a clear business plan.


show off your achievements and present vital milestones.


mention existing competition and what makes you get ahead of the competitor pool.


introduce your experts and mention their achievements, successful ventures, and rewards.


declare precise, concise, and realistic financial projections.


indicate what you want to gain from the potential investors.

Design and Aesthetics

After you figure out what should be included in a pitch deck, you must have an approximate plan on how to visualize all the critical aspects so that they serve the common goal.

There are a few practical principles to base your pitch deck design on:






Visual appeal





Content Strategy

It is not enough to come up with compelling and meaningful content to convince the funders to invest in your project. You must craft a well-structured story that resonates with the audience.

Stick with a cohesive storyline

Make the narrative engaging and thought-evoking

Emphasize your unique value

Keep the presentation as concise as possible

BusinSimplify complex notions and deliver them in a user-friendly manneress Model

Data and Validation

No matter how well-structured and visually appealing a pitch deck checklist is, it won’t have the desired impact if it relies on empty claims. Boost your credibility with relevant and up-to-date data from trusted sources. Don’t shy away from using charts, graphs, and tables to simplify and structure critical metrics. Data-driven presentations instill trust and viability in your business idea.

Downloadable Checklist

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Bonus Tips for a Winning Pitch Deck

A winning presentation goes beyond a standard pitch deck checklist template. Use these extra tips to your advantage:

Know your audience
research like never before
Practice makes it better – ensure smooth delivery through effective rehearsals

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