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A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

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Over 90% of startups fail. Not a very inspiring thought, is it? What if we told you there is a possibility of standing out from the competition and making it to the funding stage with a reliable investor? A convincing pitch deck can help the viewers realize why your innovation matters.

Good pitch decks are more than just a visually appealing introduction of your product. It is your perfect chance to outline your brand identity, present the team, discuss market opportunities, and describe a revolutionary solution to an existing problem. All it takes is to create a compelling story that resonates with each person in the audience.

Professional presentations emphasize your unique strengths, financial projections, and potential for growth. Along with other factors, these points speak of potential income, and that's where investors' interest ignites.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself".

Today, we'll review the most successful pitch deck examples from different fields, including the tech industry and consumer goods field that secured multi-million dollar funding, and point out major aspects to learn from.

Who knows where this virtual adventure may take you?

Understanding the Essentials of a Great Pitch Deck

All the best pitch decks contain something unique that makes them memorable and impactful. However, a few aspects weave like a silver thread between all of them.

Key Components of a Pitch Deck

Key Components of a Pitch Deck

The most successful pitch deck designs often rely on a standard structure. You can add or take away some components, but the backbone of the presentation should remain.

You may want to do the following:

  • State the problem you plan to solve
  • Introduce the solution
  • Highlight marketing opportunities, outline the market, its size, segment, etc.
  • Present your business model and stress how it will generate income
  • Use a concise GTM slide to show how you plan to convert clients
  • Introduce your experts, highlight their roles and achievements
  • Describe your financial future through a compelling pitch deck financials slide

The Art of Storytelling in Pitch Decks

The Art of Storytelling in Pitch Decks

The proper pitch deck structure matters since it contains all the necessary information you want to share with the investors. At the same time, most  pitch deck design services claim that a captivating narrative is what unites every slide and presents a story that touches emotional strings.

Our team outlines a few principles of effective storytelling in a pitch deck. They are the following:

  • Impactful, informative, and appealing visualization
  • Creative content that resonates with the audience
  • A clear and concise story that is easy to remember
  • Humanization of your solution to prove it is designed for real people instead of hypothetical users
  • Present your vision of the future of your solution and its correlation with the consumer base
  • Outline areas for growth and stress the financial forecast of your project

You must intertwine all of these points into an informative and emotionally rich story. None of the slides should stand on its own. They should be interconnected, logical, and concise to achieve the desired effect – in our case, it is to spike interest and secure requested funding.

Case Studies of Successful Startup Pitch Decks

Here is a list of 30 real-life examples of pitch decks that landed investment at one time or another. We'll focus on the main points that led these startups to success. You can use these ideas to update your presentations and drive the chances of funding up!

Tech Startups

We live in the era of technological breakthroughs, so it is only natural to start with the most famous tech startups that revolutionized the industry once and for all.


Airbnb Pitch Deck

Airbnb remains one of the most referred-to startup pitch deck examples for a reason. The revolutionary success of the startup is a perfect combo of an innovative idea and effective presentation.

Upon first glance at the presentation, you may think that it is slightly outdated, but you should remember that it is 2008 that we are talking about. Instead, we want to draw your attention to the clear and concise structure of the pitch deck. Each of the 12 slides carries out its precise informative function. All the stats are presented in a user-friendly manner and create an emotional situation that everyone can relate to.

One more peculiarity of this seed presentation is the pitch deck Market Size slide. The founders of Airbnb didn't know about the global scale of their startup at that time, yet they took the liberty to go from millions to billions to appeal to investors. It's safe to state that the approach brought a lot more than was expected.

Pepper bio

Pepper Bio Pitch Deck

Pepper Bio is a new word in the history of biotechnology. The startup centers around drug research and drug discovery that rely on machine learning. The project raised $6.5 million during the seed stage, which is impressive. So, what makes this presentation special? Surely, the innovative solution to humanity’s existential problem – uncurable diseases.

However, aside from the innovative aspect of Pepper Bio’s services, the overall deck’s structure looks modern, informative, well-structured, and concise. The text-to-visual ratio is well-balanced, the color scheme is pleasant, and the fonts complement one another.

There’s one thing that stands out – a personal story that comes right after the first problem slide. Such an approach ensures that the presentation is personalized to a point that drives the emotional awareness of the viewers.

The central part of the presentation is quite technical and contains a fair share of statistics. It is orderly presented and simplified to a point,  yet even if potential funders don’t get the part, the Transaction and Revenue projection slides contain details aimed at the investors directly.


WeWork Pitch Deck

Some of the best pitch deck examples are less concise than others. WeWork hits the second category, but it remains as successful. Since it is a series D presentation, it must contain data that will ensure multi-million dollar funding.

WeWork is the pioneer in the field of coworking. That is why, in their pitch deck, they center viewers' attention on how the industry will scale fast. Aside from that, they present a unique vision that leads to revenue growth and member base expansion.

Along with the statistical component of the venture, WeWork founders embed appealing visuals that will resonate with the audience. One more peculiarity you should notice is the font consistency, which adds to the clean and comprehensive layout.

Dare we say that this project secured a $335-million funding?


Metafuels Pitch Deck

Metafules is an aviation fuel startup aimed at developing cleaner and sustainable energy for the aviation industry. Even though it isn’t the first company that has stepped on this road, Metafuels secured an impressive $8 million in investment during the seed round.

This presentation may be slightly different in terms of the classy pitch deck structure. The brand chose to skip the Problem-Solution part and get straight to the Market size. Even though the scale from 2030 to 2050 is pretty impressive and may be deemed overly optimistic, the founders presented a clear roadmap that shows how they are going to get there with the proper funding at hand.

Metafuels deck is quite technical. It means that the designers knew that the audience would be able to grasp these details, which indicated thorough investor research. At the same time, the presentation is concise enough not to bore the audience (13-slide long), structured, and neat.


YouTube Pitch Deck

YouTube is a platform that does not need an introduction since there's barely a person who hasn't used it at least once. Most of us use it on a daily basis. However, what you may not know about YouTube is that Google bought it for $1.6 billion back in 2006.

When you look at their series A presentation, you can hardly say that it is one of the best pitch decks of all time. It is incredibly simple and concise. There are no visuals, no statistical data, nor many attention-seeking details. Instead, the founders focused on existing problems, provided a unique solution, and stressed why their video streaming services are better than the existing competition. Confidence in the unparalleled potential of your startup is as critical as the rest of the aspects of your presentation.


Stytch Pitch Deck

Stytch is a  fintech startup that strives to make the digital future password-less. They are a platform that wants to enhance user experience and boost online security. Since they raised $90 million in funding, we’re curious to figure out their deck’s strong point.

The overall series B presentation is only 13 slides long. The deck highlights the future of authentication and Stytch’s innovative product. The founders emphasize their leadership in the industry and present short-term and long-term goals, which indicates their understanding of the market and future potential.

Being a fintech project, Stytch makes its presentation user-friendly and easy to grasp. The layout is simple and neat. The right combo of innovation and strategic approach may be one of the best-converting elements you can add to your list.


Zuora Pitch Deck

Many have claimed that Zuora's presentation is the best pitch deck template you can inspire from. We tend to agree. In case you don't know, Zuora is a monetization solution for most subscription-based businesses. So, what makes their project special?

Their approach to pitch deck structure, for once. Instead of stressing an existing problem, the founders chose to highlight the obvious shift in the modern world. As Zuora tells their story, they make use of appealing images that do not steal attention from the textual aspects of the deck. A concise outline of the startup intertwines with interesting facts that bring the solution closer to the audience.


Point.me Pitch Deck

Point.me is one of the most productive startups investment-wise. During their seed stage, the company raised $2 million in funding. However, the company’s series A deck secured a #10 million investment.

Upon a closer look at Point.me’s presentation, you will notice a few things that make it stand out. First comes the ‘hard proof’ slide. Numbers never lie, and the founders used them to their advantage. While presenting all the necessary information, the designers put color psychology into play. They outline the deck in purple hues, and as you may already know, purple is the color of inspiration, creativity, and ambition.

On top of that, Point.me relies on appealing vacation-themed images to stir the right emotions. Besides, they close the presentation with an impactful message that everyone can associate with.


Dropbox Pitch Deck

Not many investor pitch deck examples can show off an impressive $1.2 million over the seed round, but Dropbox certainly can. Their problem slide, which starts with the words "Storage is a mess," resonates with the audience immediately. Since it is 2007 outside, everyone can relate to the problem.

The founders take it further and present the "In a perfect world" hook. Once potential founders start to think about such a world, Dropbox offers a palpable solution with its unique and effective features. The business model slide takes the startup even closer to a sealed deal. No boring stats and vague promises – an innovative solution, an expert team, and a transparent revenue model!


Front Pitch Deck

Front is often described as a "team inbox" solution. Its main function is to organize company emails so that team collaboration is smooth and unobstructed. Front's project is one of the classy pitch deck presentation examples since it relies on all the pillars of an effective presentation. It starts with Problem=Solution slides and proceeds with Client Feedback, Acquisition Channels, Team Introduction, Financial Projections, and Funding.

Aside from the structure, the founders ensured that the provided information was easy to grasp. A concise layout and simple language helped them achieve the desired impact. Besides, here we can see the strategic use of plot graphs to define where they fit in a competitive landscape.

Consumer Goods Startups

Another industry that deserves your attention is the consumer goods sector. We've researched the field and picked a few inspiring deck examples to consider.

Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee Pitch Deck

Copper Cow Coffee is an exciting startup, but you would probably agree with us that pitching coffee may be a tad more challenging than presenting a table-turning tech breakthrough. However, the project founder managed to raise $1 million during the seed stage.

The Copper Cow Coffee's pitch deck does not rely on the textual component of the presentation. It uses visual content to promote investing. Moreover, the founder goes as far as to bring a personal narrative into the deck, and it serves as an excellent emotional transmitter.

On top of that, this creative pitch deck design does not rely on analytical charts and graphs, although there's a fair share of statistical data included. Instead, the creators present information so that even people with little understanding of the industry can fully grasp the discussed scale – "32 billion – American Coffee Industry".

As you can see, in some cases, less is more, and Copper Cow Coffee is on the list of simple but effective brand deck examples.


Contentools Pitch Deck

Contentools is a content marketing solution that allows you to track all the operations and deadlines from a single workspace. The 15-slide presentation is a skillful mixture of textual information and visual elements that support the leading theme of the deck.

The designers ensure that every slide is easy to digest. There are no overwhelming and distracting statistics. Instead, the company showcases its innovation and how it aims to solve current problems, generate profit, and expand.


MapMe Pitch Deck

MapMe has taken the notion of a classic map to a new level. It is a digital solution that allows it to create a digital map of virtually anything. What brings this project to our list of valuable pitch presentation examples is the conciseness and social proof aspects of the deck. Moreover, the founders highlight the unlimited user base that includes organizers, contributors, and active users. MapMe's presentation has a clear GTM strategy and a defined funding budget they need to acquire the promised results.


TransferWise Pitch Deck

TransferWise(now Wise) became table-turning for the global payment field in 2010. It is a transfer tool that allows it to send money all over the world in a matter of minutes. Moreover, unlike other payment systems, it does not deduct high fees from their transfers, which adds to the solution's popularity.

TransferWise created its pitch deck in 2011, and even then, it managed to preserve a correct statistical balance. Using graphs and text to highlight the innovative approach to the payment industry, TransferWise ensured that everyone in the audience would understand every detail.

The Competition slide is another point that makes this investor pitch presentation example stand out. Instead of opposing themselves to every individual competitor company, the founders chose competitor groups. Such an approach allows it to broaden the landscape but narrow the discussion timeframe.


Crema.co Pitch Deck

Crema.co is a coffee business that calls itself a Spotify of coffee. They specify in introducing and delivering different types of coffee for homes and workplaces. Starting as a small brand, the founders launched an investor pitch deck, and it brought desired funding.

Crema.co’s presentation is sleek and modern. It relies heavily on industry-specific visualization, and it has a mouthwatering effect on those who genuinely like coffee. However, the small brand shows its dedication and expertise through a concise and informative market slide, traction slide, growth, and revenue slides.


Chewse Pitch Deck

In case you wonder what the most concise pitch deck templates for startups look like, we'd like to introduce you to Chewse. One couldn't have been clearer about what they do and what their aim is when it comes to this food delivery project. None of the slides in the deck contain titles or a lot of text, but each slide is a professional blend of a short phrase or number and an easily relatable image.


Coinbase Pitch Deck

There was a time when Bitcoin didn't mean such a great deal. However, Coinbase made it to the funding stage and became a reliable example of startup pitch decks. The main idea that the company tried to sell was the concept of a new currency. Ten years ago, the world was only getting on the path of total digitalization, which is why the founders chose to center their deck around the opportunities that cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, presented.

Coinbase presentation is filled with a fair share of industry-specific stats and analytics, but none of the details are too complex to grasp. In this case, interest in numbers proves the brand's credibility and involvement, not to mention a clear vision of the future. The founders used different charts and graphs to simplify the information and make it twice as memorable and impactful.


Wayfair Pitch Deck

Home furnishing is an easy task if you have all the goods required right at hand. However, regular offline shopping isn't the simplest task for many modern consumers. Wayfair has become a company that can help you find any home product from the safety and comfort of your couch.

The brand's seed presentation is neat and well-organized. Moreover, it aligns with the company's style. The founders stress user behavior patterns, which means that they researched the field deeply. The approach speaks of the company's professionalism and dedication to the cause.

One more thing you can learn from this company pitch deck example is that if you have a successful venture to present – don't be afraid to do so. Yet – you mustn't brag.


Vori Pitch Deck

Vori is an inventory management solution designed for grocery stores. It is a back office of a store within a single app. The company raised an impressive $10 million in funding during its Series A round.

Vori’s presentation is yet another example of a simple, well-structured, and pleasant pitch deck. It is the cover slide that makes it stand out. Only a few words and a matching image help the audience grasp the scale of their solution. The founders understand the role of ROI when you pitch a startup. That is why they present a clear market size slide to rule out any confusion. Lastly, the designers skillfully outline what businesses have to deal with at the moment, and the scale of the problem is difficult to underestimate.


Owlr Pitch Deck

Owlr started as a tech startup aimed to make off-the-shelf cameras’ quality better with the help of their innovative software. Now, the company has expanded and transformed the home and business security landscape.

Owlr’s seed pitch deck is basic in terms of structure. However, the anecdotal component of the presentation, which makes the discussed issues twice as relatable for every viewer, and the personal touch projected by the Team slide make it special. Also, the imagery of cute owls is skillfully intertwined with the story, which heightens the emotional impact of the deck. Don’t forget about the pleasant and consistent color theme.

Service Industry Startups

With our world changing at such a rapid pace, service industry startups have to adapt to succeed. Let's have a close look at some of the successful pitch decks in the field and figure out their tricks!


LinkedIn Pitch Deck

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and initially aimed to compete with other social networks that grew in popularity at the time. However, the founders took a different approach and presented their project as a business-oriented platform. While we don't have access to their seed deck, their series B presentation is often referred to as one of the top pitch decks of the decade.

The deck relies on a text-heavy approach and is lengthier than most. However, in this case, it is advantageous since the founders took the liberty of predicting upcoming internet trends and coated them in data that made investors believe in the project's success. Another important detail is that the presentation was designed to correspond with precise funders' expectations – ongoing growth and expected revenue – so that it converted the audience effortlessly.  


Intercom Pitch Deck

Intercom is a handy service in the sphere of customer support relations. As effective as the solution is, so simple and to the point their first pitch deck is. There are only 8 slides, but the brand has disclosed all the critical aspects of their then-startup.

The first thing we'd like to draw your attention to is the layout. It is clear and concise, but it is structured in such a way that you can detect the main principles from the first glance on the slide. Furthermore, the light blue background spreads a calm and relaxed vibe, which improves comprehension of the information presented.

Lastly, the fonts. Not only do they match one another, but the headings are carried in a hand-written style. This neat trick projects a personalized and friendly aura surrounding the project, which instills trust on a subconscious level.


Beelinguapp Pitch Deck

Beelinguapp is a handy assistant when you try to master a foreign language. It is an interactive app that makes the learning process a lot more understandable and fun. The pitch deck starts with the main pain points of a classy language learning curve and matches it with a simpler yet more effective solution in the form of their innovation.

The founders present a palpable business model along with an experienced team, which adds to the brand’s professionalism. They top it with positive user feedback and the growth slide. Apart from the informative component, the company’s presentation is designed in a bee-inspired theme. Honeycomb outlines and honey-colored palettes add to the user-oriented and friendly impression that great startup pitch decks should project.

The Plate

The Plate Pitch Deck

We won't claim that The Plate is one of the most famous pitch decks of all time, but it is quite a recent addition to the successful presentation pool, and since it secured $1.3 million in funding, it is worth our attention.

The Plate is a culinary platform that allows chefs from all over the world to share their knowledge, recipes, ideas, and tips with other people. It is a type of subscription business everyone can become a part of.

The pre-seed deck that The Plate presented is concise, modern, and heavily spiced with appealing visuals. The presentation highlights potential growth and revenue. The critical data is shown subtly so that it does not sound overly self-assured and unrealistic. One more outstanding feature of the deck is the font synchronization and color balance.


Clare&Me Pitch Deck

Mental health issues deserve all the attention they can get, but the founders of Clare&Me realize how difficult it can be for an individual to reach out to an offline-based expert facility. That is why they present their innovative mental health coach. The AI-driven companion can help people cope with anxiety and mild depression, and it is a text message or phone call away.

Sometimes, the innovative breakthrough may be enough to secure desired funding, but in most cases, you need more. That is why Clare&Me used the classy Problem-Solution approach but enhanced it with unique features of their product, expansion potential, competitive landscape, and realistic milestones.


Moz Pitch Deck

Moz is a successful SEO solution that has helped countless businesses promote and improve their traffic and marketing potential. We name it one of the best investor pitch decks in the field for a few reasons. First of all, the first slide of the presentation is more than promising. The tagline hints that there's something interesting that the founders have in store for the audience. The trick helps the viewers concentrate.

We know how tiresome and boring some of the marketing deck examples can be. Loads of stats, analytical surveys, and all, but Moz transforms sheer numbers into fun facts that are easy to memorize. While the colorful and bright layout promotes a positive attitude, the funny little robot-narrator intensifies the vibes.

Let's not forget that Moz has done deep research of the industry to create a credible and convincing pitch deck. They outline existing competition and how they plan to get ahead through potential acquisitions.


GamerzClass Pitch Deck

GamerzClass is a gaming industry startup. The innovative features that the project was based around were individual instructions from gaming experts for their users. The seed deck that the creators presented is only 8-slide long, but it is enough to raise a couple million dollars of funding.

Aside from the conciseness of the presentation, there are a couple more things that stand out. First comes the Problem-Solution approach. On top of that, the founders introduced such pitch deck key metrics as the Traction revenue and Opportunity slides, which triggered investor interest because of the promising number. Let's not forget about the modern pitch deck design in pleasant colors and neat font structure.


Minut Pitch Deck

The skyrocketing success of Airbnb may have served as an inspiring push for countless startups, but only a few managed to get to the top. Minut is a hardware solution that enables Airbnb hosts to keep an eye on their property so that the guests do not feel violated. You can monitor noise levels, detect crowds, lock the doors, and track outside situations using Minut’s solution.

As impressive as the solution sounds, so successful their startup series B round was. The presentation secured $14 million in investment, and here’s how they did it. Aside from the impressive innovation on offer, the designers stress the fact that they are a hardware solution. This approach kills two birds with the same stone – it highlights unique and modern design and sifts through potential investors with sole interest in software projects.

Alongside the neat and pleasant outline of the presentation, it contains critical data such as traction, market, and competition slides. These slides prove the effectiveness of their products, and that’s vital. Finally, they tell a company story and what they do, ensuring that it relates to most viewers.


Sickweather Pitch Deck

Sickweather is an illness-predicting app that showed its effectiveness during the COVID-2019 pandemic. However, the startup secured funding before the outbreak. Their seed pitch deck stands out from the rest of the examples of good pitch decks because the presentation starts with a credibility slide instead of the Problem slide.

After the founders highlighted their respected clients, they moved on with impressive revenue stats and switched to emotional and triggering visuals shortly after. The sequence of analytical data and imagery, topped with an experienced team involved in the process, made the desired impact, and the project raised $2.6 million over 8 funding rounds, starting with a $500K seed investment.


Tealet Pitch Deck

The main aim of the Tealet project is to simplify the supply chain process of tea delivery from farmers to devout tea drinkers and improve farmers' income. The company's seed deck is one of the aspects of the project's success.

Not only is it one of the most beautiful pitch decks, but it also starts with vital stats that show the investors the current business scale and potential room for expansion. Instead of diving into a confusing world of industry-specific stats, the founders present hard numbers that are easier to digest, not to mention their initial impact on the viewers.

The creators paid a lot of attention to the presentation design. While it is possible to say that it is a bit design-heavy, surprisingly, it does not look distractive but memorable.

Key Takeaways from Each Pitch Deck

Key Takeaways from Each Pitch Deck

All the marketing pitch deck examples that we reviewed today are unique. They represent different fields, raise various funding amounts, and apply multiple approaches to make their presentations successful. However, our experts will highlight a few takeaways you can focus on while creating your deck. 

Design and Visuals

A neat and well-structured design is one of the critical aspects that will provide the necessary clarity. Design consistency that applies to color schemes, fonts, and other design elements will ensure investors of your professionalism. Don't forget that the human brain is more susceptible to images. That is why it is best to introduce complex information through charts, graphs, and related visuals.

Content and Clarity

Whether it is a Problem slide or a Financial Projection slide, you must ensure that the data you provide is clear and easy to digest. You should avoid overwhelming details and present a well-structured message. Don't jump from one point to another. Instead, try to logically connect them so that the audience binds with the idea you offer. Different headings, titles, short phrases, and bullet points come of tremendous use in cases like this.

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

There are three main methods most startups use to highlight their USPs.

  1. Pain points
  2. User feedback
  3. Competitive comparison

It depends on the services or innovative solutions you are promoting. If you have a loyal user base, you can use client testimonials to provide proof of the solution's effectiveness. Or, you can compare your product with existing alternatives and stress the points where your solution stands out. Lastly, you can outline major pain points that many can relate to and show how your innovative approach can solve these problems.

Common Themes and What We Can Learn

When you learn from a successful presentation, you will avoid making your own pitch deck mistakes. So, what are the lessons the discussed startup pitch decks teach us?

The lesson of storytelling

A successful pitch deck relies on a harmonious narrative that relies on all the aspects of the presentation and combines them into a captivating story that resonates with the audience and drives them toward positive decisions. Minut uses this approach skillfully in their presentation.

The lesson of Problem-Solution dynamics

Brands like GamerzClass use the Problem-Solution approach to trigger viewers' interest by outlining a common problem and then effectively solving it with a unique solution.

The lesson of data validation

It is not enough to spice your presentation with loads of impressive statistics and hope they will convert the audience. LinkedIn pitch deck proves that all the data should be backed up and validated to have the desired effect. Data validation is one of the surest ways to add credibility to your project and highlight your dedication and expertise. 

The lesson of visualization

Human brains are wired to perceive visual information faster than any other. The Plate used this to their advantage. You can coat any complex and lengthy narrative into a comprehensive visual with just a bit of creativity and skill.

The lesson of expertise

Any startup is only as good as the people involved in it. That is why Front chose to introduce their team and highlight the effectiveness and expertise of every member in their startup deck. If the investors are sure of the dedication and professionalism of the team, the chance to win funding multiplies.

How Can Our Services Help You?

Whitepage has been providing professional presentation design services for over a decade now. Every successful presentation we designed has brought insightful discoveries and polished our skills. Today, we help struggling businesses close desired deals. Our team creates presentations that not only deliver the company message but also make a lasting impression. Whether it is financial modeling, in-depth industry research, or an effective Go-To-Market strategy that you are working on – our team is ready to reach out a helping hand and ease your task with professional assistance!

Don't trust us? Trust satisfied clients who have used our services and benefited from them instead:

  • "All the feedback we gave was swiftly incorporated." CPO, Central Casting AI
  • "Their valuable suggestions and professional input significantly contributed to the project's success." Marketing Manager, PDF SaaS Company
  • "They were very responsive and fast." Co-Founder & CEO, Theia Health


An innovative solution can't revolutionize the world without proper investment. The best pitch deck design is your key to success. A well-crafted presentation will not only highlight the uniqueness of your invention. It will present your company vision, development strategy, and revenue potential.

At WhitePage, we create presentation deck examples that compel, inspire, and convert. Don't let a low-quality deck undermine the scale of your solution. Our team is just a call away. Schedule a discovery meeting, and together, we will transform your idea into a thriving business!


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November 10, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Crafting the Perfect Go-to-Market Slide for Your Pitch Deck

Pitch deck

July 6, 2023

Storytelling in a Pitch Deck: Win the Investors’ Hearts

Pitch deck

June 27, 2023

Pitch Deck Mistakes: How to Steer Clear of Presentation Pitfalls

Pitch deck

June 8, 2023

DIY vs Professional Pitch Deck: The Best Way to Impress Your Investors

Pitch deck

June 1, 2023

How to Use ChatGPT in Pitch Deck Design: A Game-Changer for Startups

Pitch deck

April 11, 2023

What Is a Business Model Slide in Pitch Deck and How to Make It Impactful?

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